• Offering solutions to automotive and other industries where piston engines are used

  • Generating new ideas

  • Creating new technologies

  • Finding exceptional solutions

  • Conducting analysis and research

  • Providing engineering design   


The improvement ideas will allow significant reduction in gas consumption in piston engines at the same time produce more power. Some of these ideas are amazingly simple and allow for fast and easy implementation, ensuring successful outcomes.

We developed several designs for improving gas engine performance. Our design and analysis will  provide for greater power from displacement volume. 

Patent search was conducted to avoid duplication of already existing inventions and to validate the uniqueness of ours. 

Based on unique technology follow-on engineering design, prototyping, experimental modeling and testing resulting in more economical but at the same time more powerful, smaller, lighter piston engines for any existing application. Expanding applications of these new engines utilizing their new, highly advantageous properties

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We created unique ideas and developed technology for a piston engine 
Lighter, smaller engines could deliver more power
For example, a four-cylinder engine could replace a six- or even eight-cylinder engine, while delivering the same power
Internal combustion piston engines head based on unique valve design:
  • Significantly increased average port velocity

  • Increase periphery

  • Very simple

  • Providing very good sealing

  • Very dependable

  • Very durable

  • No heat-related problems

  • Does not require (but allows) hemispherical combustion chamber shape

  • Better combustion

  • Quiet

  • Conserves fuel

  • Conserves environment

  • Cheap