Human powered vehicles will be able to reach a new speed record among human-powered vehicles and add to it is popularity as well potential to open new markets.

A preliminary patent search indicates no similar designs in existence. Human powered vehicle with a unique transmission which allows for over 90% muscle efficiency (as comparedto 24% in a conventional bicycle), allowing the rider to achieve substantial speed and transport considerable load with less effort.


Human powered vehicle with a key feature of unique transmission is the special niche of this product. The unique qualities of this product will make this vehicle an outstanding for local travel, will promote healthy living, and help protect the

environment. Various models and adaptations will allow its use on all streets, roads, and highways, even by people with physical limitations.


Based on new technology and exceptional solutions follow-on engineering design,

prototyping, experimental modeling and testing.

Developing mass production feasibility. Develop different types of vehicle - two wheels, three wheels with optional child seat, double seat, cargo, three wheels for people with physical


Feel exhilarated when you take on the road with our unique product

  • we provide a human-powered vehicle as a future mode of transportation
  • our innovative transmission allows muscle efficiency to exceed 90%
Our innovative vehicle has many advantages
over the classic bicycle. It's
  1. Safer
  2. Faster
  3. More comfortable
  4. Less effort to ride
  5. Enjoyable!